In San Diego, California in 2001, Dr. Anton Monk, Itzhak Gurantz, Ladd El Wardani, and others founded Entropic Communications, Inc. Entropic Communications, Inc. was instrumental in the development of MoCA® technology, Direct Broadcast Satellite ("DBS") ODU ("Outdoor Unit") Digital Channel Stacking, and System-on-Chip ("SoC") solutions for set-top boxes ("STBs") in the home television and home video markets.

For years, Entropic Communications, Inc. pioneered cutting edge DBS ODU technology. This technology simplified the installation required to support simultaneous reception of multiple channels from multiple satellites. The company’s DBS ODU products include various integrated circuits and SoCs for band translation switches, channel stacking switches, and digital channel stacking switches. The DBS ODU technology was deployed as an industry leading solution in global DBS operators. In 2015, MaxLinear, Inc. — a leading provider of radio-frequency ("RF"), analog, digital, and mixed-signal semiconductor solutions — acquired Entropic Communications, Inc. and the pioneering intellectual property developed by Entropic.

In early 2021, Entropic Communications, Inc.’s pioneering patents as well as several key MaxLinear patents underwent a change in ownership. The new owner, Entropic Communications LLC, continues Communications, Inc.’s legacy of development through portfolio development as well as licensing. These patents are the result of years of research and development in satellite and cable technology. These innovations are utilized by virtually every provider to deliver enhanced and expanded services to customers, which in turn has increased revenue for these providers while also reducing costs.

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